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Silicone Panel
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Silicone Panel
Product Description:r

Before this,the customer always joint procurement membrane switch panel to control,but because generator often work under high temperature,high enviromental pollution.In units use after a period of time,often thin film panel penetration,fall off,the problem such as button not sensitive,leading to frequent repair,and doenn'tlook and feel is also High-grade,customers want to solve these problems.

ES Sioncone according the customer's usage,help customers to design product steucture and technology,is made of silicone material forming,surface spraying white first,again coating film of paint,after using a laser carving technology and light holes carved characters, characters and lamp light requirements.Then in the printing of red,green,Improve visual distinguish sign.The final spray hot oil,make the panel as a whole is easy to clean.And reverse in the product for 3M glue,to ensure that the panel and the controller fit closely.



Adhesive on  the Back:

3M adhesive on the back of the product,to ensure that the silicone panel shell can fit closely.
 03.jpg Pervious to Light:

Using a laser carving craft,buttons have good pervious to light quality,improve the accuracy of the user dim light operation.
 04.jpg Product Technology:

Molding→Spranying ligh white layer→Spranying dark grey layer→Laser cutting→Printing→Coating→Adhesive