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Silicone Keyborard


Product Description:r

The keyborad apply to the Motorola vehicle-mounted data acquisition erminal,considering the use of the user environment mostly in large warehouse,and the user basic it is to wear gloves operation of system.So customers want to customize easy to identify,and the surface is wear resistant silicone keyborad.

ES Silicone using injection after laser carving technology,realizes the character light effect,make its are clearly identified in the dark environment.And in the surface of glue processing,to ensure that key surface characrer almost never will wear.

03.jpg Product Details´╝Ü

Glittering and translucet get rid of after surface glue processsing,greatly extend the service life.
Pervious to Light:

Product application of the laser carving craft,pervious to light evenly,improved the user the accuracy of operation in the night.

05.jpg Product Back:

On the back of the contact part is black grain,it is used to link at the bottom of the electricity board and play the role of switch.
Product Technology:

Molding→Spranying ligh white layer→Spranying dark grey layer→Laser cutting→Printing→Coating→Hard epoxy dipping