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Password Keypad
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Password Keypad

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Product Description:r

This button is used for ATOS POS machine password keyboard,using the oc key cap + shade + silicone structure of the chassis.The benefits of such a structure lies in both surface enrichment tactility can realize buttons,and can achieve good button press feeling and service life.

The key injection laser carving technology on surface,and shade group together outfit,make the key characters can be pervious to light,the character outside is not pervious to light,High-garde appearance.

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The Key Structural Detail:

PC Keycap&shadw&Silicone&Rubber&
Spranying&Laser cutting
POS 05.jpg Product Technology:

Molding→Plastic keysSpranying ligh white layer→Spranying black layer→Spranying red,green,yellowPrinting→Coating→Laser cutting→Cutting keycap→Assembly